Premium charge

Innovative charging technology

Utilizing high frequency charger technology, the SYSTEMIZER® HF is the ideal, energy-efficient solution for materials handling equipment.

Based on a tried and tested system that features, slim modular design, multi battery-technology charge capability, color coded ‘see at a distance’ display, wireless and USB connectivity.

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SYSTEMIZER® HF Premium charge
  • Regulated, gentle and optimal charging
  • High efficiency lifted to over 92%
  • Modular charger design
  • Battery Management compatible with Bluetooth
  • Large easy to read LCD screen
  • Charge cycle memory
  • Programmable start of charging
  • Flexibility and compatibility
  • Automatic electrolyte level and battery temperature control
  • Delayed start of charging reduces peaks in utilization of mains power
  • Battery Identification Module
  • LCD display
  • Control unit for Battery Management System
  • Dust filter
  • AquaCheck® automatic electrolyte monitoring system
  • Charger interconnection via Bluetooth
  • External temperature sensor
  • Wall mounting system
  • External State of charge display with LEDs

Displaying the energy level

LED version


LCD version

lcd mode completed

The charging process has been completed. The full battery indicates that the charging process has been completed. Charging time was 7 h 45 min.

lcd mode standby

The charger is in standby mode and awaits a battery for charging.

lcd mode fault

The charger has identified an over-discharged battery.

lcd mode charging

The charger is currently charging. The remaining charging time is 11 h 22 min.

Battery Identification Module

The module is used to identify a battery with a single programming. It then allows different battery types and systems to be charged by a single charger. The Battery Identification Module in combination with the SYSTEMIZER HF chargers allow:

  • Data exchange via PC
  • The ability to to charge batteries with different voltages, capacities and systems with a single charger
  • Leasing of power
  • Interactive charging with a module that is acid-resistant and shockproof