Traction energy systems with electrolyte circulation complete with integral air pump and air circulation.


Features and benefits

If you wish to minimize operating costs through reduced energy consumption and increased availability of your battery system, then HOPPECKE SYSTEMIZER Xpress is the ideal solution for you.

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Characteristics and advantages

  • icon chargers Capacity for opportunity charging without equalizing charges
  • icon power Reduced power consumption
  • icon eau Up to 70% less water consumption
  • icon temperature Battery temperature level reduced by approximately 10 °C
  • icon mechanical Reduced mechanical load on the electrodes
  • icon charging Pressure-monitored charging factor adaptation to ensure full  charging
  • icon reduced Charging times reduced by up to 2.5 hours
  • icon battery Optimal charging throughout the whole life of the battery
  • icon equalizing Compensation for the effects of the mains power fluctuations through the use of regulated chargers