Put your energy in the right place

Boost your profitability with German Engineered lift truck batteries and chargers.

icone rentabilité

A technology that boosts your profitability

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icone cle-a-molette


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icone forklift

Compatible with all lift truck models

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Systemizer® XpressBatteries

Traction energy systems with electrolyte circulation

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Systemizer® HF Premium charge Chargers

An innovative charging technology

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Sustainable development takes on a whole new meaning: reduce costs and your carbon footprint

Cutting away at user costs, HOPPECKE technology takes a comprehensive systems approach to reducing energy consumption and increasing operational efficiency.

By helping you to cut your costs, HOPPECKE can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. HOPPECKE spends more on research and development (as a percentage of turnover) than many of its competitors, resulting in:

Jusqu’à -70% des coûts de maintenance
  • iconne graphique Lower installation costs thanks to smaller, compact units
  • iconne reduction Up to 18% more savings on electricity costs
  • iconne batterie Longer battery life
  • iconne yeah Real time data acquisition and analysis
  • iconne ecran Effective asset management